A busy year

2016 started with a Goodbye and ended with a Hello.

In January, my son and I took a trip with my mom and dad, and my mom’s parents (Nana and Papa) to visit my dad’s mom (Grandma Halverson) in Utah. We were visiting to say goodbye, she had cancer and was in hospice care. The last time I had seen her it was before she had gone to live in Utah, two years earlier. Needless to say, it was a rather shocking difference between the woman I had known as my Grandma, and the woman in the hospital bed. I had come to say goodbye, but also to be with my dad and to show my Grandma something she had wanted for decades: a redheaded baby. She saw my son’s red hair and managed a smile. She touched his leg as my dad held him over her bed and said, “Hello Warren”. He won’t remember her, he was only 4 months old, but I will remember, and so will my dad.

In February, my husband turned 30, and I teased him all year about it.

March flew by! April involved my sister, Abby, in her first musical in college, lots of high school baseball, and my dad turned 50 at some point, I think.

In May, my baby brother, Luke, turned 18 and went to prom (it was weird for me). Oh, and I found out I was pregnant with baby #2!

June and July are kind of a blur for me since I spent most of these months on the couch or in the bathroom. I know that Luke graduated high school. It was very hot all the time, and my son discovered the wonders of water and splashing in the kiddie pool in my parents’ back yard.

My son turned 1 at the end of August, my father-in-law turned 70, and we found out that baby #2 would be a girl!

In September and October, I started feeling more and more tired while my children (one in-utero and one in-apartment-o) became more and more active!

In November, my brother, Caleb, married my new sister, Heather. I spent the month trying to stay pregnant and get baby girl to full term, while chasing a very active 1&1/2 year old. It worked with a little help from modern medicine.

In December, we welcomed our daughter, Eve, into the world. One week after her birth, I turned 25, and we celebrated Christmas as a family of four!


Our life has changed quickly over the last few years, this year in particular.
2017 is a big unknown, but I can confidently look back on 2016 and see God’s faithfulness. Since He is unchanging, I know He will continue to be faithful in 2017.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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