Love a Good Sale!

The kids went down for their naps (yes, together, at the same time, in the same room)! So I left Daddy in charge and went to the mall.
Because outings by myself are few and far between, so this introvert mama takes advantage of them whenever they come up.


My first stop was Teavana, because it’s so hot, I LOVE Teavana, and I firmly believe that shopping is better with a beverage. I got an iced Beach Bellini, and it was exactly what I needed! Sweetened, refreshing, and has all those summer fruit flavors. (Get your own Beach Bellini tea blend here!) Teavana was just a detour for me, because my main goal was to go to…

Charming Charlie! I love this store, and they are having their Semi-Annual Sale right now, bonus! 40% off already marked down prices, such a deal. If you like chokers, they are 80% off already marked down prices (in store and online – click here!), so some of the sale items are less than $1.
Like I said, such a deal!

Nap time only lasts so long, and I’m not really a “just browsing” kind of shopper, so I already had a mission in mind: purse (bigger than one I currently have, but not too heavy or clunky), and a dress (low maintenance, keeping both cool and covered while wrangling babies).



Mission accomplished!


Cute pattern and cut out in the back, right!
And, yes, I have pink hangers, because they make me happy when I have to put my clothes away. 🙂
Also, just so you know, it wasn’t all “spoil mommy time” 😉 I did go to Trader Joe’s for milk and food for dinner. #momlife 🙂


Food, clothes, refreshing alone time… God is good. Provided what I needed when I needed it. He does that a lot!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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