Mailing a letter

We needed an outing this morning. Conveniently, I had a note to send (that was very delayed), but no stamp. So! Off we went down the street to the post office, it’s about a block and a half from our home.

Who knew the post office was such a place of awe and wonder.
This little guy was so happy to be with me in this new place, and since there were not many people there, I let him wander.

He wandered. 🙂

Saturday Evening Post, February 18, 1922
(Found on here)

These photos reminded me of Normal Rockwell paintings. Little, normal moments, beautifully captured. I’m not an artist like him, nor am I particularly good at photography, I mostly just had my phone out at the right moment.

We are trying to see what is walking distance from our house. So far, it’s the post office, the bank, and a little cafe. We need some cooler mornings so we can explore. I love exploring with my little boy. Can you believe he’s going to be 2?! I can’t!



Soli Deo Gloria!

2 thoughts on “Mailing a letter

  1. Oh so fun for him! And you!
    I have a post office story with my Daddy. He had to mail a daily report for his company
    He would miss the pick up time near our house so sometimes we would have to drive to the “Huge” downtown post office in the evening
    We would go in. Silence. Clickingheels on beautiful tiles. Daddy would jump behind the big marble pillars and say nothing but suddenly I would sense the quiet
    I would start calling. Daddy. daddy. DADDY
    He would jump out and I would run to hang onto his hand !!!!!!

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