A day at the Getty

Ah! I love art! My husband and I had all day together to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary, thanks to my parents taking the kids for us (they’re awesome).

I am a history nerd, my hubby is a philosopher at heart, and one of our favorite things to do as a couple is discuss ideas, religion, and people. A trip to the Getty Center was perfect fuel for our conversations! 🙂

Took a break for a selfie and iced tea. Beautiful day here, 80 degrees with a nice breeze. ❤
We walked a lot! So many steps over these beautiful stones.
The waterfall is gorgeous. I love the contrast of the flat, cut parts rock and the rough, natural parts.
Just look at this! Swoon. Arranging nature into artwork. Brilliance!


I should say that we saw more than the garden above, and the paintings below. However, the other paintings, sculptures, stained glass, and illuminated books were so thought-provoking, and consequently “discussion-starting”, that taking a picture seemed silly.

Also, I love Impressionism. 🙂


Beautiful blues in this classic Claude Monet painting
This exquisitely detailed, Realist painting? Yes, also by Monet (same as above)! I was so surprised! Doesn’t have the Impressionistic look we normally associate with Monet.
Love the classic Impressionist details in this painting by Paul CĂ©zanne. Green, blue, and red for the shading and detailing of the dress and face. Wonderful!
These bright, vibrant colors could only be from one man, Vincent Van Gogh. Absolutely perfect.

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