A day at the Getty

Ah! I love art! My husband and I had all day together to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary, thanks to my parents taking the kids for us (they’re awesome).

I am a history nerd, my hubby is a philosopher at heart, and one of our favorite things to do as a couple is discuss ideas, religion, and people. A trip to the Getty Center was perfect fuel for our conversations! 🙂

Took a break for a selfie and iced tea. Beautiful day here, 80 degrees with a nice breeze. ❤
We walked a lot! So many steps over these beautiful stones.
The waterfall is gorgeous. I love the contrast of the flat, cut parts rock and the rough, natural parts.
Just look at this! Swoon. Arranging nature into artwork. Brilliance!


I should say that we saw more than the garden above, and the paintings below. However, the other paintings, sculptures, stained glass, and illuminated books were so thought-provoking, and consequently “discussion-starting”, that taking a picture seemed silly.

Also, I love Impressionism. 🙂


Beautiful blues in this classic Claude Monet painting
This exquisitely detailed, Realist painting? Yes, also by Monet (same as above)! I was so surprised! Doesn’t have the Impressionistic look we normally associate with Monet.
Love the classic Impressionist details in this painting by Paul Cézanne. Green, blue, and red for the shading and detailing of the dress and face. Wonderful!
These bright, vibrant colors could only be from one man, Vincent Van Gogh. Absolutely perfect.

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