Family favorites for playing together

My babies having a little time just the two of them together. I try to provide some alone time for them to learn about playing together ❤


Playtime is the majority of our days around here, so I thought I’d share some of my babies’ favorite toys. For my son, I will have an update in about a month or two since his birthday is coming up. He’s going to be TWO! (I’m both excited and can’t really believe it!)

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Babies’ Favorites:











Warren is really into coloring, and he loves markers, especially now that he can get the caps open by himself for the most part. These Ultra-Clean Washable Markers are worth the little extra they cost compared to some other types BECAUSE of the “Ultra-Clean Washable” part! Warren doesn’t always keep his artistic expression on the paper, and all I need is a baby wipe (readily available in our house). Poof! Wipes right off of our coffee table, upholstery, clothes, walls, pretty much anything! It is worth it!

Evie loves her Sophie Giraffe ❤  It was originally Warren’s, but she doesn’t mind hand-me-downs 🙂
Eve is really into whatever she can get in her mouth, but Sophie is definitely her favorite, just hearing it squeak makes her squeal with happiness!


Mama’s Favorites:

These are some “baby paraphernalia” that are my favorite (with some links where you can get your own!) 🙂


The Ergo is a life saver! I really didn’t need it with my son, especially since he was much bigger than little sister. She is so happy in the Ergo now though! She can see me, see out, and there are plenty of straps for her to idly play with to entertain herself.


First of all, how cute is this picture? This is my sweet baby girl with her Great-Grandpapa this summer during our family vacation in Carlsbad 🙂
And check out that seat! Usually called a Bumbo seat, since that’s the name the company gave it, but we call it “the purple chair”. Very original, I know. It’s a great place to plop a little one who isn’t quite ready to sit alone, or even older babies who need to stay put for a little bit for mama’s sake 😉


This is the train of a thousand buttons and sounds. A perfect toy to keep little hands busy, or in our case, get through that last half an hour before nap time. Mama approved!


This high chair is a great option for small spaces (you don’t have to add a whole high chair to your dining situation). What I liked best about it was I could attach it to any chair and so keep my child at the same level as myself. That is the biggest downside for me about high chairs, that they are often so much taller than dining room chairs! Annoying! This chair solved that problem for me. Also something great: It converts into a booster chair. My parents and in-laws had this chair, and it was super convenient for them. They could put it on the chair when we were coming over, or take it off and put it in a closet when not in use!


Hope you find some good inspiration, or even some gift ideas! (for yourself or others) 😉
Comment with any questions you have about these products or any thing else I’ve posted! ❤




Soli Deo Gloria!


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