I’ve been hired

I’m tutoring!

I studied to be a teacher in college, but one-on-one teaching is what I’m really good at, and what I love.  🙂

My husband said these last two weeks were like I took on an extra part time job (tutoring) on top of my full time job (mommy). I suppose that would make sense why I’m so tired!


My job is being a mommy. Tutoring is an opportunity for me to work, but ultimately it is not my priority; being at home with my kids is my priority.
Case and point: I will not be tutoring everyday like I have been for the past 9 days. I will only be tutoring 2 days a week for 2 hours (at most!) per day.


Here are a few snapshots of my little classroom for the past almost two weeks. My student was only in the United States for the summer and is on her way back home even as I write up this post. ❤ She’s a sweetheart and I will miss her.

Our reading friends and supplies



Mid-lesson. My student’s parents wanted us to get through that entire book! My new boss talked to them that the goal really is her understanding the material. I love my boss.



See those sentences? My student put them together all on her own! Seeing her learn and grow was just beautiful. I think almost every teacher would agree that is the best part of teaching 🙂

So thankful and blessed to have this opportunity to use the skills and talents the Lord has given to me. Also, so thankful for my faithful babysitters! This would be impossible without you! ❤



Soli Deo Gloria!

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