Monday Reminders – Old Testament Promises


This verse in Isaiah comes in a section of promises of comfort. If you don’t remember the context for Isaiah, here’s the quick and messy version: Isaiah was called to be a prophet to the nation of Israel, his goal was to tell the people the Word of God, what God wanted for the people to do because He Loved them. The people, however, had completely rejected God and His Ways. They did whatever they wanted to do, they worshipped other gods, they worshipped themselves, they delighted in sin, they did the opposite of what God wanted and what Isaiah was telling them.

How depressing for Isaiah! For his entire life, no one listened to anything he said. He obeyed God, and yet no one listened. For the record, God did tell Isaiah this would happen. Instead, God filled Isaiah’s ministry, and consequently his book, with promises. Promises of judgment for the rebellious people, and promises of future salvation. Including the promised Messiah; promises fulfilled in Jesus, The Christ!

Isaiah 66:13 is in the middle of a passage of promised restoration. This restoration is ultimately fulfilled in the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus! This chapter in Isaiah even refers to a birth that will change everything in a moment, a nation suddenly appearing in a moment, and that from Jerusalem this comfort shall come. Jesus’ death and resurrection (the act that was the purchase and restoration of sinners to God) took place in Jerusalem, His birth was indeed miraculous and amazing, and through faith the Church is grafted in to be God’s chosen people!

This comfort is the Gospel, this comfort is salvation and restoration of a broken sinner to a holy God.

“Oh, praise Him! Hallelujah! My delight and my reward! Every lasting! Never changing! My redeemer! My God!”
(Psalm 62 – by Stuart Townend, performed by Aaron Keys: Link here)


Soli Deo Gloria!

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