What I see at Christmas – a poem

I see it on the Christmas tree shining in the dark.
I see it in the rosy cheeks of children playing in the park.
I see it in my son’s eyes when Daddy comes home at night.
I see it in my Father’s smile when all his children are in his sight.

Light. It’s what I see,
In the decorations,
In the lights on the tree.
In the faces all around,
In being with friends and family.

Why now at Christmas and not all the year?
Why is it now that we fight off our fear?

Perhaps there is more than just feelings of joy.
Perhaps there is something to this tale of a boy,
Born as a nobody,
But born for everybody.

His story just begins that first Christmas night!
So, don’t forget that feeling of light.
His name is Jesus,
He came to save us.
He was born to die,
But not stay where he lie.
Christ is risen!
He sits now in heaven,
For his work is complete.
And one day all will bow at his feet;
Bowing and declaring that Jesus is king,
Just as now, at Christmas time we sing.

So as we remember that night the Light came,
We also look forward to when we’ll forever sing his name.

Merry Christmas

Soli Deo Gloria!

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