Looking back and looking forward

For our family, 2017 began with many uncertainties.
We had just welcomed our second baby into the world a few weeks before the year began, and we were looking at the chaos of having two under two, in a one bedroom apartment, with a very limited income. We began the year thinking: “how are we going to do this?”

We did it, but not alone.
2017 is the year God taught me that He provides, time and time again, and usually when we don’t expect it, in ways we could never imagine.

That’s my word for 2017.

We don’t have much. We lived 2017 on a paycheck to paycheck basis. We often had to ask for help. Money for car repairs. Diapers. Groceries. Rent. God provided enough for us to live.

He gave us parents who love us. He provided obstacles to keep us from moving away from our parents (something we strongly considered twice in the past year). We can always ask them for help, babysitting, a ride, counsel, even a bath or shower when our plumbing goes out.

We love them very much.


We have fantastic friends who join with us in prayer and support.
Our church is awesome. We get so excited to go to church. Sunday school is amazing, rich teaching and solid believers building one another up. It’s so depressing for me when I have to skip church. So much so, that my loving hubby usually is the one to stay home if one of our kids is sick on a Sunday.

Our nursery through pre-school program is also awesome (my vocabulary is insufficient, I know). It is headed by a beautiful woman, who loves these kids, and loves us parents. She is creative, caring, and so so godly. She is such a blessing.

The “Timothy Tots Mom text group”. We all have kids about the same age, and we are all in this group text (and now there are more pregnant mommies who will be joining it I’m sure). It’s our help line. It’s our mommy prayer chain. It’s our source for practical help, prayer, health updates, picture sharing, and social outlet.

Women’s Bible study, i.e. “Thursday morning brunch” with women you would never otherwise talk to, but you find so much in common with them, so much to learn from them, and you all learn so much together it’s unlike any other fellowship with other believers I’ve ever experienced. It’s wonderful.

I’m forgetting things, people, and opportunities. When you start listing the ways God has blessed you, that tends to happen. “My cup overflows”.


More than enough. That’s really what happened in 2017.

When my husband and I looked at each other wondering “how will we have enough?” God surprised us above and beyond our expectations. We have been so blessed. How can another year compare to the blessings we have experienced?

Here we are! 2018. Looking forward I want to stop looking at what I think is lacking in my life. Instead, I pray for God to change my heart, see my overflowing cup of blessings, and pour that cup into another’s. Serve one another and glorify God. That is my goal for 2018.


Soli Deo Gloria!

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