I think just knowing that you can’t use the usual over the counter medicine to help ease cold symptoms makes having a cold while pregnant 1000x worse!

I’m just getting over a cold, though I still have some left over congestion and sinus pressure. At 32 weeks pregnant, there were so many things I could not do to get relief! (I cried at one point just thinking about it…)

So! What did I do to get relief?

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1. Tea

Lots and lots of tea. I drank tea to sooth my sore throat, and sniffed the steam from a fresh, hot cup to help with my sinuses.

I drank:
Throat coat tea – I prefer this one by Traditional Medicinals, but there are other brands that have throat coat tea out there too!
This tea was my go-to as a singer in high school! Amazingly soothing for a sore throat.

71KcDzFPJnL._SY679_.jpg                             51gJapeE4-L.jpg

Peppermint tea – Again, lots of peppermint teas out there, I just LOVE Twinnings 🙂
There is something so reassuring in a cup of peppermint tea, for me. As a kid, it was the only tea I would try, so maybe it’s a nostalgia thing for me.


2. Soup

I had no appetite, but I’m a skinny gal, with low blood pressure, and a baby growing in my belly. Getting food in me is a must!

My sweet hubby stocked up on some Lipton noodle soup packets, and we had a package of egg noodles in the cabinet. Together they made a pretty filling meal. I also added ground ginger, and ground cumin to my soup, again to help with my sinuses, and crazy congestion.
(With cough syrup being off limits, anything helps, right?!)



3. Steam

So simple, and yet, so much relief! I took a wash cloth, ran some super hot water, and held the wash cloth over my face so all the steam was going right into my nose and mouth. This trick opened up my airways tremendously!



I hope these tips help some struggling fellow mamas out there! Get some extra sleep if you can, and lots of water (as usual)!


Soli Deo Gloria!

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