November is gone, and December is here! Family is arriving at Grandma and Grandpa Miles’ cottage house, making it feel full and festive. The Holidays are here, it’s Family Time. Father has two brothers and a fraternal (which means they look nothing alike) twin sister, and they will all be here by Christmas day. I love being with all the cousins. I am right in the middle age-wise, and I’m “the American cousin” (even though I’m really half) so they think I’m extra fun. I think it’s because of my accent.

Cousin Sid keeps walking around the house saying “Christmas time’s a-comin’!” in an absolutely horrible American accent, but it makes everyone laugh, so he just keeps doing it. He’s such a clown. 

Right now, it’s a couple weeks away from Christmas, so not everyone is here yet. Maybe I should explain who everyone is and which cousins go with what Aunt and Uncle… Yeah. I’ll do that first.

The oldest in Father’s family is Uncle Wesley. He is married to Aunt Mel, and they have two kids, Sid and Cammie. Sid is 16 and Cammie is 11, and is the closest to me in age of all the cousins, so we play together the most.

Uncle Will is the next oldest, and he is not married. He loves all us cousins so much, and he couldn’t stand watching his siblings be parents and not have any children himself, so he adopted Marcus about three years ago. Marcus is 7 now.

Auntie T, Father’s twin sister, and Uncle Vin have four kids, Avery who is 20 now, Ellie who is 17 and always sassy, Gemma who is 12, only three years older than I am, and baby Bert who is 5 now. Bert was a happy surprise to the family. Babies are so fun! I also learned last year that Avery is not Uncle Vin’s son, but when Auntie T and Uncle Vin got married, Uncle Vin adopted Avery, and since Avery was only two or three at the time Uncle Vin is really the only daddy Avery has ever known.

When everyone is here it is super crowded! All the girl cousins have to share one room, and all the boy cousins have to share one room. The parents all get their own rooms, except Uncle Will, who gets the couch. 

“That’s what I get for not getting married!” He says every year, very dramatically.

It’s not too bad though, the family room with the couch is separate from the hall, which leads to all the bedrooms, and from the kitchen, so we can maneuver (which means move carefully) around the house in the morning and at night without waking him up. Avery has offered to take the couch several years in a row now, but I don’t think Uncle Will much likes the idea of sharing a room with Sid, Marcus, and baby Bert. Father gets his own room, because he and Mother used it together, and no one wants to make him change now he’s alone.

Right now, it’s just Father, me, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Wesley, Aunt Mel, Sid, and Cammie, which sounds like a lot all listed out like that, but actually it feels spacious! Sid’s in a room on his own, and Cammie and I are sharing just the two of us (almost like we’re sisters). Sometimes we do pretend to be sisters and she talks with an American accent, (which actually sounds very good, unlike Sid) and I will talk with a British accent. We have fun, though every now and then we need “me time”. Aunt Mel suggested it, I think because Cammie is getting “pre-teen-y” and moody. Aunt Mel says it happens to everyone and Cammie is very sensitive to it. Aunt Mel usually swoops in an institutes (meaning put into place) “me-time” before too much friction (another word for conflict) starts between us, and we give each other space for a little while. I think Aunt Mel is very wise (I don’t think I need to explain that word).

Cammie is a lot like Father. She is creative and thoughtful, talkative but not outgoing (Aunt Mel had to explain that word to me, I’m not sure I get what it is, I just know what it isn’t…). Cammie is generally sweet and friendly, but can get “passionate” (as Aunt Mel calls it) when she disagrees with someone. 

Sometimes, when Cammie needs space, I go outside with Sid. Since he’s a boy, he doesn’t really like to sit inside and talk like Cammie, but he and I will play outside together for hours, at least until Avery gets here. Sid idolizes (also a new word I learned from Aunt Mel, it means you put all your attention toward that thing or person) our grown-up cousin Avery. 

Other times, I will go sit with Grandma or Grandpa and we will read a book out loud together, or I’ll tell them stories about places and people Father and I visited.

Tomorrow, Grandma and Aunt Mel are taking Cammie and me into town. We are getting last minute shopping done, and treating ourselves to some Christmas treats. We always go out and have a Christmas luncheon with tea, and cookies, and everything! Usually we wait until Aunt T and the gang arrive, but this year they are coming exactly on Christmas Eve (instead of on an earlier day like other years) because of Avery’s university schedule. 

The rest of the year Father and I are dashing around the world, but during the holidays Father stops everything and just enjoys “family time”. I love it. Father says this coming year we will be slowing down. I don’t know what that means, I hope it means more family time, because I would love that. At the same time, that makes me nervous. I’ve been traveling around with Father all my life. When Mother was still here, we traveled as a little family. Now, it’s Father and I, as a smaller family. I love traveling, but having a home might be nice too. I’m not sure, I’ve never really had a place to call home. Just family, which is good too. Just different.

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