Mommy Make-up: quick and affordable!

10ish minutes is about all the time I have to do any kind of make-up. On a good day (i.e. when my husband is home) I have about 15-20 minutes. With little kids, I don’t really have a lot of time to dedicate to putting on make-up. However, I do like to take a little time to “put my face on” as my Nana says. Putting my make-up on, however minimal it is, helps me feel like I’m put together, and ready for the day. I am not a morning person, but my kids are morning people (my daughter regularly gets up at 6am)! So, my make-up routine doesn’t happen until about 8 or 8:30. Here is what I am currently using on a daily basis: Sometimes I splurge on different brands, but I pretty much stick with “drug store” make-up. (Affiliate links below) 1. Maybelline Makeup Dream Fresh BB cream – I used the light/medium color 2.Β L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics

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A Saturday outing

Today is a family day. Next week and weekend we have a busy schedule, so we wanted to just have a play date with just the four of us. Our mall has some nice family friendly areas and we took full advantage of them today for our outing πŸ™‚ (Affiliate links included below) Eve hung out in the double stroller since she can’t crawl or walk yet, clearly she was upset about that. Warren had a lot of fun running around outside. He even chased the train!   And lunch! I got a tea too, have I mentioned that I like Teavana? Because I do! πŸ™‚ I went over to the kebab place, and I ate it all up before I could snap a pic! Oh, well. It was a lovely outing together ❀ Now, if only they would nap!   God is still good, even when children don’t nap.   Soli Deo Gloria!