Father and I – reboot

A long while ago, I started a series of posts called “Father and I”. It was essentially a serial fiction series about a girl and her father, their travels, their relationship, and the people they meet.

Well, I decided to reboot that serial here.
Starting tomorrow, I will be posting these short stories, some with slight edits, some completely new, but all in their original format of a little girl’s journal entries.

It seemed an appropriate time to reboot this serial since the internet is full of fear, too many news updates, and not enough normal, good news.

Here is a sneak peek:

My name is Eleanor Marie Wiles, but don’t call me Eleanor, just Marie is fine. I’m just now nine years old. My birthday was yesterday and Father gave me this journal. Father and I visited Venice yesterday, which is where I wanted to visit for my birthday and is where this very nice journal came from.

Father’s name is Basil Gregory Wiles (he has everyone call him Basil. I think he is more of a Greg). He’s a writer and photographer. We travel together so that he can find different things to write about for the magazine he works for, The Coffeetable. He writes the articles about other cultures and natural wonders, things that are interesting to have open on your coffee table. His articles are the most popular section of the magazine. He also has a fancy camera that I’m not supposed to touch. He takes pictures of the places we go to and the people we meet. Sometimes he even takes selfies of the two of us. I tell him that it’s weird that he uses his fancy camera for selfies. He laughs.

I hope you find this serial to be uplifting, thought provoking, fun, and maybe a little escape.